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weBeacon | The Beacon Management Platform
Instant use Beacons for your usecase. Manage your setup online, anytime, anywhere. Get what you need, without writing a single line of code.
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Everything you need

to build iBeacon powered Apps

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Enable iBeacon


to your App

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Manage your

Beacons online,



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Instant use Beacons

for your usecase

Even without building your own App beforehand

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What is a Beacon?

The Internet of Things and Crowd

A Beacon is an object that broadcasts a wireless signal to notify Bluetooth Smart devices such as smartphones or tablets around 30 meters of their presence and precisely distance. It can be in the shape of a so called ‚mote‘, small as a piece of chocolate, consuming very low energy, built into a product or even your smartphone itself. Beacons will change the way we interact with the Internet. Wether you want to use them for private purposes, as in ambient assisted living applications, as open objects in city scavenger hunts or in business applications to notify and reward retail visitors, weBeacon supports your setup.

Bring experience and interaction to your users


Add our SDK. That’s all.
Beacon Management

Focus on marketing your Product

Instant use Beacons for your usecase. Wheater you let your users like things, collect points, exchange data or check-in at locations by holding their smartphone immediate to attached Beacons, build geofances to protect, monitor or play inside wide and far distances, manage your setup online, anytime, anywhere. Our Online Beacon Management Platform allows you to configure and control your Beacons. Trigger notifications, count interactions and measure shop walk-ins, see which ways your customers walk and get to know how your users interact with your real life setup.

  • Marketing Activity

  • Active User

  • Fluctuation

  • Far

  • Near

  • Immediate

Complete Solution

Because a Beacon is just not enough

weBeacon provides everything you need to get started right away. Whether use motes, iOS-Devices or a Mac as a Beacon. Get what you need, without writing a single line of code. We keep our services open and support all Beacon hardware to keep the most freedom for you to build custom solutions.
Private. Business. Open.






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